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Sandwich Activated Carbon Cloth

Laminated activated carbon filter media widely used in air filters mesh, masks, shoe materials, storage boxes and etc.

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Sandwich Activated Carbon Cloth

Product Description:

1) Composition: Spunbond PET support layer + activated carbon + spunbond PET+meltblown;

2) Formaldehyde, n-Butan, Toluene, Sulfur dioxide removal;

3) Meltblown as particle layer, low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency;

4) High hust holding capacity.


1) Air conditioning and ventilation systems dust removal and deodorization.

2) Formaldehyde, toluene and hazardous gas adsorption.

3) Home use & commercial use, coating industry exhaust gas emissions purification.

4)  Used for car air cell, such as automotive cabin air filter.

5) Use in slice , in frame or in rolls.

Material and Feature:

1) Activated carbon media is made of quality coconut shell carbon powder material and adhere in between two layers of non-woven fabric cloth and long fiber.

2)  High carbon content, good adsorption and dust capture performance, can be trimmed to suit any dimension, good strength and low airflow velocity resistance.

3) Resistance to general chemical liquid even weak acid/alkaline, avoid direct and long term sun radiation.

Technical parameters:

Adsorption objects:≥ all kinds of organic gases
Flame retardant rating:B1(GB/T 17591-2006)
Final pressure drop:200pa
Humidity resistance:≤100%RH
Resistance to temperature:≤80℃
Instantaneous temperature resistance≤120℃
Filtration efficiency:>99.5%
Regular length of a roll:300 meters
Basis Weight (g/m2):440±44
Packaging Details:Packed in rolls with plastic bags

Technical Specification:

ModelDimension (L*W*T)Carbon content(%)Adsorption(%)
Remarks: other specification to be customized


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