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About Us

Fresh Filter Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in product R&D, manufacturing and sales. Fresh Air Filter started since 2007 and now has grown to a leading specialist air filter manufacturer with more than 3,000 square meter manufactory space including cleanroom workshop and more than 30,000 square meter building complex integrated with warehousing, R&D center as well as testing laboratory units.
Benefit from the rapid growing in recent years, the company has now expanded its registered capital to 9million USD, Fresh Air Filter has passed ISO9001:2015 and being granted licensed self-export business entity for many years. Fresh Filter is also ranked as council member of Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology (GACT).
We care about personnel HSE and work closely with Guangdong Normal University of Technology. We employed more than 100 working staffs and deployed most advanced production equipment. With dedicated product development throughout recent years, the company now has been granted dozens intellectual properties from national authorities.

Fresh Air Filter

Through the past ten years, based on the good management control and never-stop optimization. Our company and products have won global recognition, our product footprint reaches more than 30 provinces nationwide and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Fresh Air Filter is aiming at to be a full range product portfolios manufacturer from Pre-filter, medium filter to HEPA[‘hepa] and even ULPA[ˈʌlpa] filters. Well selected quality raw materials are procured from South Korean and Domestic quality suppliers to meet various global customer needs.

Product-wide, our product portfolios cover a wide range of products such as Pre-filters, primary filter for Car painting booth industry, Various pre-filters, medium and Hepa filters for HVAC industry and Clean room technology. Activated carbon filters for Exhausted gas treatment equipment as well as Air Filters for air purifiers and equipment.
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Brand Story

FRESH® was established back in 2007, Green logo is composed by three parts, the core part is FRESH, below is AIR FILTER, and with a cluster of leaves, It means Green and Protection, Clean and Fresh.
Its Chinese Brand name “富瑞希 ®” also comes from the pronunciation of FRESH.

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Fresh Filter Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in product R&D, manufacturing and sales.




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