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G4 Glass Fiber Filter Cotton Panel Primary Air Filter


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G4 Glass Fiber Filter Cotton Panel Primary Air Filter

Scope of Application:
Pre-filter and foreign material filtration in commercial and industrial ventilation systems.
1. Used for clean room conditioning system, pre-filtration through fresh air venting units, and exterior air conditioning connection.
2. Primary filtration of central air conditioning system.
3. Pre-filtration at the inlet of Air purification equipmen.
4. Pre-filtration in a medium filter.
5. Primary filtration or secondary filtration in a filter system.
6. Glass fiber plank pre-filter in Ventilation system for outdoor fire-proof and high temp resistance working condition.

Material & Features:

- Low air velocity resistance
- High Dust holding capacity  
- Economic  
- Filter material : glass fiber filter cotton (Optional: polyester fiber cotton ,polyester fiber filter cotton).
- Support structure: galvanized mesh. aluminum mesh ,stainless steel mesh ,spray plastic mesh.
- Outer Frame: galvanized steel frame ,Aluminum Alloy frame ,stainless steel frame.
- Customization:Can be customized with washable material, multiple use after washing.
                           Can be customized with removable structure, outer frame and mesh can be multiple used.

Technical Parameters:

Filter Grade: G2,G3,G4(en779),EU2,EU3,EU4(EUROVENT).
Filter Object: Particles ≥5μm.
Filtration Efficiency : 75% ,85%,95% (ASHRAE52.1-1992).
Humid Tolerance (relative humidity): Less than 100%RH.
High Temperature Resistance: Polyester fiber is less than or equal to 100DEG C ,glass fiber is less than or equal to 300ºC.
Instantaneous Temperature : Polyester fiber is less than or equal to 120 DEG C ,glass fiber is less than or equal to 350 ºC.

Technical Specification:

Model Outline Dimension Rates Air Velocity
Rated Air Flow
Initial Pressure Drop
H(mm) W(mm) T(mm)
FRS-PB-7 595 595 7 1 1200 ≤50
FRS-PB-10 595 595 10
FRS-PB-15 595 595 15
FRS-PB-21 595 595 21
FRS-PB-25 595 595 25
FRS-PB-46 595 595 46
Remarks: Other specifications can be customized

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