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FRS-H4V-G-H11-E0 Box Type None Header Compact Air Filter

Material :
Media Type: (Standard) : Ultra-thin glass fiber filter paper
                     (Optional) : Artificial fiber filter paper
Separator Style: Hot Melt
Outer Frame Material: (Standard) : galvanized steel
                                    (Optional) : Aluminum alloy / Stainless steel frame
Sealant Glue : AB two component glue
Gasket Material: Foamed EVA
Antimicrobial Available: No
  • FRS-H4V-G-H11-E0

  • Fresh

  • 8421999090

Box Type None Header Compact Filters with Galvanized Frame

FRS-H4V-G-H11-E0 Box type compact filters is classified E11 in accordance with EN1822 and is designed for high air volume installations. As such, it is the ideal filter for upgrading a non-HEPA HVAC installation into a HEPA installation while also increasing the airflow through the system.


1) Engineered to meet the exacting requirements of precision manufacturing operations and laboratories.

2) Low airflow resistance and high efficiency.

3) Fills the gap between ASHRAE grade high-efficiency filters and high efficiency HEPA filters.

4) Each filter has pass scanning test.

5) Expanded filtration area.

6) Pass leakage tested, qulity assured.

7) With assembly flange, easy for installation, adaptable with pocket filter.


Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, intermediate or end filter of air conditioning systems

1. Intermediate or end filter of air conditioning systems of dust-free room fresh air conditioning system

2. Large air flow requirement or limited space of installing ventilation system.

3. Widely applied in electronics, optics, semiconductors, coating, chemical, cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals, Food and Beverage, Schools & Universities and automobile industries.

Technical Parameters:

Filtration Grade: EN1822: E10、E11、E12、H13、H14

Porosity: Particles ≥0.5μm、≥0.3μm

Efficiency: 65%、85%、95%、99%、99.9%、99.99%、99.999%(ASHRAE52.1-1992)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

Max. Operating Temperature: ≤80℃

Instantaneous temperature resistance: ≤100℃

Initial Pressure Drop: ≤220PA

Recomm. Final Resistance: ≤500PA

Normal Size:

Model Dimension (mm) Filter area Rated air flow
W*H*D m³/h
FRS-HG4V287 305*610*292 8.06 1700
FRS-HG4V592 610*610*292 18.26 3400

Box type compact air filter mechanism display diagram

Filter wind speed and resistance data diagram

Product Real shot:

Box Type None Header Compact Air FilterBox Type None Header Compact Air FilterBox Type None Header Compact Air Filter

Box Type None Header Compact Air FilterBox Type None Header Compact Air Filter


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