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FRS-DS6P-P-F8-E1 85% Efficiency F8 Nonwoven Fabric Air Pocket Filter

Filter media: multi-layer non-woven fabric
Frame: galvanized iron frame / Aluminum alloy frame / Stainless steel frame or Plastic frame.
Features: Multi bag design , large ventilation.
Ultrasonic sealing make the filter more strong and not easy to break.
Frame design customized, the frame and the supporting frame can be used repeatedly.
  • FRS-DS6P-P-F8-E1

  • Fresh

  • 8421392290

Medium Efficiency Anti-static Pocket Filter


· Large dust holding capacity
· High filter efficiency
· Good air permeability
· Long service life time


Pre-filter and foreign material filtration in commercial and industrial ventilation systems.

  1.   Clean room fresh air conditioning system, the middle section of fresh air units.

  2.   Secondary or end filtration of central air conditioning system.

  3.   Main filter of air purifier

  4.   Pre-filter of high efficiency fiber.

  5.   Petro-chemical industry, plastic industry, pharmacy industry, food industry, coating factory, electronic factory, hospitals, labs.

Technical Parameter:

Filter Grade:  F8 (EN779)

Filtration Efficiency:  85% ( ASHRAE52.1-1992)

Filter Object:  Particles ≥1μm

Instantaneous Temp. Resistance:  ≤120 ℃
Humidity:  ≤100% RH

Temperature: ≤100℃ maximum in continue service.

21-Non woven fabrics medium pocket filter

Normal Size:

Type Dimensions (mm)

Rated Air Flow


Filtering Area EN779 Color
Width Height


85% 592 592 600 6 2550/67 3400/90 4250/115 4.4 F8 Pink
290 592 600 3 1250/67 1700/90 2100/115 2.2 F8
592 592 600 8 2550/60 3400/80 4250/100 5.6 F8
290 592 600 4 1250/60 1700/80 2100/100 2.8 F8


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