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Cold Catalyst Filter Photocatalyst Filter


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Photocatalyst Filter / Cold Catalyst Filter

Applied to various commercial and industrial fresh air purification or exhaust emission purification
1)  Cleanroom outdoor air  air-conditioning system, MAU air purification.
2)  Commercial exhaust emission purification.
3)  Industrial exhaust emission purification.
4)  Purification layer of household air purifier.
5)  Can be used alone/ in sliced/ in framed/ in combination with other purifying materials.

Technical Parameters:

1)  Thickness:  As the thickness, we have 4mm or 5mm thickness, but can be customized, if you need 4.4mm thickness, it would be have ±0.5 allowance.

2)  Sponge PPI:  For the PPI, our regular product has 35PPI and 40PPI, but you require 45PPI, we have the MOQ requirement.

3)  Formaldehyde removal rate: 
>90% in one hour.

4) The average killing rate:  >99.88% in one hour.
                                             >99.99% in two hours.

Material & Features:

1)  Purifying material : Nanometer- sized TiO2. 

2)  Filter substrates: Sponge base, aluminum base, nickel base.

3)  Comprehensiveness: photocatalyst is the safest and cleanest environmental purification materials in the world at present, which is widely used in Europe and America, Japan, Korea and other regions. it can be used for processing in purifying project of the NASA space station, degradation engineering of maritime oil pollution and disinfection operation of Japan bus transport company. Futhermore, photocatalyst can effectively degrade pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia and TVOC. It also has efficient and exyensive disinfection property that can resolve and safely dispose the toxins released by bacteria or fungi.

4)  Sustainability: In the condition of less-severe environmental pollution, so long as the photocatalyst itself doesn't wear and peel, it will not alter or cause any loss. And it can purify pollutants continually under irradiation with the advantage of time durability and sustained effect. But in the condition of serious environment pollution, the life and effect of photocatalyst can be affected by some sulfate radical and nitrate ion. Moreover, it also cause photocatalyst's deactivation, but activity can be recovered through related techniques.

5)  Safety: non-toxic, harmless, safe to human health, without any secondary pollution.

6)  Cold catalyst is new materials, which is born based on the photocatalyst. It can generate catalytic reaction without UV light source.

Product Real Shot:

Photocatalyst FiberPhotocatalyst Fiber2


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