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Andrea Filter Paper V-type Filter Paper Folded Dry–type Filter Paper

  • V-60

  • Fresh

  • 4823200000

V-type Filter paper (Folder dry-type filter paper)

Application: painting/coating industry exhaust gas emission purification and filtration
Applicable in various industries. Capture of spray paint particles or dust particles, reduce air pollution, maintain a friendly working environment, reduce gas emissions to the environment.
Used as exhaust gas purification system
Arbitrarily customized cut or framed ,or solely used as filter or used in one whole piece.

Material and Features :

High-quality double brown packing paper made, rigid adhesion and durable

Low air flow resistance , maximum filtration effect, high dust holding capacity
Less equipment investment , noise-proof and easy installation

Long operation time & cost ; no frequent replacement required, usually 240-500hours operation time without any issues.

Simple paint mist particles and powder recycling process, with no secondary pollution
Both Horizontal (downward suction type ) or vertical (side suction type ) operational

Better filtration performance when combined with filter cotton media.

Technical Parameters:

The V type design filter paper pockets offers 2~5 times better filtration performance compared to ordinary stretching filter media or fiber glass filter media.  
Filter objects: paint particles and dust particles

Stretch break :50mm


Hole distance:20mm

Flame retardant grade: K1(DIN 53438)

Final resistance :150pa(recommended)

Wet tolerance (relative humidity :less than 80%RH

Temperature Torrance : less than or equal to 100 Celsius

Instantaneous temperature :less than or equal to 120 Celsius

Available in 2 different types, the one adding with cotton, none for another. Photos as below:

Andrea Filter Paper

No.1:  Andrea Filter Paper with cotton


No.2: Andrea Filter Paper without cotton



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