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GUANGDONG FRESH FILTER Attends CPHI Barcelona 2023 Fair

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CPHI Exhibition

exhibition site

Fresh Air Filter® showcased its latest production techniques in the world-renowned CPHI Exhibition (World Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials) held in Barcelona, Spain. As a sister exhibition to CPHI Worldwide, this event attracts visitors from all over Europe, North Africa and South Asia annually.

CPHI Report

With seven display halls and a significant influx of customers, the CPHI Exhibition is a great platform for exhibitors to meet potential clients and expand their business.  Fresh Air Filter® utilized its presence here to present its latest products and product lines that are in high demand in the region. We also emphasized our strict quality control and safety measures.

We had very productive meetings with potential clients and suppliers from different countries and regions. Our representatives shared their experience and technical skills, and learned about the interests and needs of different parties. Our team considered this exhibition as a valuable experience, as it enabled us to showcase our innovative technology and communicate with professionals from different backgrounds.

Overall, we are grateful for the many valuable information and opportunities we acquired while participating in this event. We look forward to the next CPHI Exhibition and will continue to improve our quality and innovation capabilities in the future.

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